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logoMother to Mother distributes diapers, clothes, and essential baby items to low - income children ages 0-5.

By Distributing to over 23 non-profit partner organizations including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programs, and children’s hospitals, Mother To Mother will serve more than 10,000 children this year.

Items Distributed

“We are so thankful for Mother To Mother! Thank you for helping 5 of our refugee families with all of the wonderful baby items. They are going to be thrilled to receive those goodies that they desperately need. It is a privilege to share God’s love with these people, and to do that in such a tangible way through the giving of these gifts is so precious! You have a wonderful job Janie and you are doing a fantastic job at helping so many women. When you grow weary remember your work is not in vain! Thanks again for all you have done!”

– The Resettlement Staff for World Relief, Nashville